Kop Partner Showcase – iManage

For Law Firms, Trust, Wealth Management and Fund Management companies, having an effective records management and function in place to support it is key.

iManage are dedicated to making knowledge work by enabling organisations to uncover and activate the knowledge that exists inside their business content and communications.

iManage’s artificial intelligence and powerful document and email management creates connections across data, systems, and people, while leveraging the context of organisational content to fuel deep insights, informed business decisions, and collaboration. Underpinned by advanced, need-to-know security, iManage delivers sophisticated governance approaches, enabling workflows to help solve complex business challenges, resulting in better business outcomes.

Short presentations from Kop Consultancy and iManage will be held over breakfast on Wednesday 26th January 2022 at Santander’s Work Cafe in Jersey from 8:30 am to 10:30 am to explain how iManage has helped thousands of clients in four core ways:


Find and create value inside your organisation and activate your expertise. 


Connect and share safely anywhere and eliminate friction to make faster, better decisions. 


Manage and protect the IP under your care by embedding governance security into your workflows.


Innovate with confidence leveraging iManage’s extensive ecosystem of partners and integrations.

Short presentations from Kop and iManage will be followed by networking, drinks and canapes.

Places are limited and will be offered on a first come, first served basis.

To register click on the following link: Kop Partner Showcase – iManage

Should you not be able to attend but require any further information on Smartsheet please email me direct: mike.thorpe@kopconsultancy.com

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Kop Partner Showcase – Smartsheet

Kop Consultancy are proud to announce our next Partner Showcase event.  This will be a held at Santander’s Work Cafe in Jersey on Wednesday 19th January 2022 from 8:30 am to 10:30 am.

Technology has enabled us to transition to work from home during the global pandemic. But our next challenge, is to understand how to spend less time in meetings and less time providing updates. 

Smartsheet offers collaboration software and solutions that creates team efficiencies, effectiveness and scale to some of the world’s largest companies.

Our presentation will focus on driving productive collaboration, aligning on assignments, timelines, and a single source of truth to manage work.

Whether you are brand new to Smartsheet or an existing customer we would be delighted for you to join us for a series of short presentations to be followed by drinks and canapes? 

The following are some of the topics, covering how Smartsheet can help from an Executive, Finance, HR, IT, Marketing, Operations, PMO, Sales perspective enabling you to collaborate seamlessly, make better decisions faster and automate work processes so you and your team can achieve more!

General: Learn how to get started as a new user

Executive: Increasing net profit, driving revenue, and engaging employees.

Finance: Budget and forecasting, purchase request management, vendor selection/ on-boarding, end-to-end spend control 

HR: Recruiting and hiring, Employee on-boarding, Career development training 

IT: New systems rollout, New hire checklist, IT ticketing

Marketing: Campaign management, Event planning, Content development 

Operations: Policies and procedures, Goal-setting and KPIs, Operational efficiency 


Sales: Pipeline management, Revenue forecasting, Sales operations 

PMO: Project plans and schedules, Project rollups, Budget management 

For most businesses, the main objectives are increasing net profit, driving revenue, and engaging employees. Executives and leaders develop the strategies and plans—determining appropriate budgets, technologies, and talent to achieve goals and scale growth. One area that remains a key challenge is how to remove organisational obstacles to increase workforce productivity. While it’s easy to identify specific problems, it’s difficult to find comprehensive solutions.

Places are limited and will be offered on a first come, first served basis.

To register click on the following link: Kop Partner Showcase – Smartsheet

Should you not be able to attend but require any further information on Smartsheet please email me direct: mike.thorpe@kopconsultancy.com

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Kop Partner Showcase – MetaphorIT

Join MetaphorIT and KoP Consultancy for our Modern Workspace Session

We are so glad to be back in Jersey! Its been a crazy year however the power of technology has enabled us all to stay in touch and continue to run our businesses. We are in a new era of working and the cloud is ever as important.

Metaphor IT and KOP Consultancy have a packed agenda as always to keep you informed on the latest news from some great vendors, what is trending within the industry and how we can continue to help.

Modern Workspace Agenda:

  • Tea / Coffee & Breakfast
  • Introduction to Metaphor IT & KOP Consultancy
    • Who we are?
    • What have we been doing in lockdown?
  • Adoption of the Cloud in Luxembourg (CSSF Regulation)
    • The regulators stance on Cloud Services
    • How to satisfy some of the common hurdles
    • Is total segregation necessary?
  • Microsoft Update Session
    • Technology & Licensing
  • Citrix Update Session
    • What’s New / What’s Coming
  • Q & A / Close

When is it? Wednesday, 24th November 2021, 08:30 – 10:30
Where is it? The Royal Yacht Hotel, Weighbridge, St Helier, JE2 3NF
How to register? Click here to register your seat

Should you not be able to attend but require any further information on MetaphorIT please email me direct: mike.thorpe@kopconsultancy.com

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Kop Partner Showcase – Enabling Business Outcomes

Kop Consultancy are proud to announce our forthcoming Partner Showcase event.  This will be a held over breakfast at Santander’s new Work Cafe on Wednesday 16th June from 8:30 am to 10:30 am.

We have gathered together an impressive panel of partner organisations to highlight how their services and applications can help you meet key business outcomes, enabling you to:

  • Generate new business
  • Manage on-boarding and KYC/CDD
  • Create efficiencies through process improvements
  • Utilise technology to support wider business outcomes using familiar tools you already own eg O365, Teams 
  • Benefit from cost-effective Cloud/SaaS systems – offering clients best-in-class security
  • Collaborate with clients easily
  • Access documents and emails from anywhere and at any time

Comnexa: Salesforce and CRM and Smartsheet integration/api’s

DocsCorp: Document productivity and compliance

iManage: Document Management and Security

Kop: Project Management and Training

MetaphorIT: Microsoft, Citrix, Remote working, Cloud Virtualisation, Cyber Security

Puritas: Compliance, Fund Administration and Bank Payments

Smartsheet: Collaboration

Snap: Marketing and Website design

Places are limited and will be offered on a first come, first served basis.

To register click on the following link: Kop Partner Showcase – Enabling Business Outcomes

Should you not be able to attend but require any further information on any of the above services, applications or specific partners please email us direct: mike.thorpe@kopconsultancy.com

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Smartsheet Control Center

Smartsheet Control Center enables consistency of work execution with reduced operational risk.

Drive consistency and visibility across projects and processes

Control Center is a portfolio and project management solution that builds on the core functionality of Smartsheet. Control Center delivers consistent, visible projects and business processes at scale.

Check out Control Center on Smartsheet’s website or by viewing the following video:


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Puritas Partnership

We are proud to announce our new partnership with Puritas.

As a clear endorsement of the partnership, Puritas have invited Kop Consultancy to provide Business Development and Marketing support to assist them in growing their business globally.

About Puritas

Founded in 2006, Puritas has grown becoming a leading provider of fund administration, fund management and client data management solutions, supplying award winning, high quality and functionally complex software applications to the financial services industry.

Their systems allow organisations to fully resolve the historic challenges and problems they face in complex operational and regulatory environments by delivering first class customer service efficiently whilst meeting regulatory demands.

They continue to focus on innovation and development and with a strong team containing a wealth of expertise they deliver quality feature rich technology that solves problems and enables opportunities.

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