Join Kop Consultancy and Cheetah Transformation for a joint seminar

Mike October 16, 2023 0 Comments

Kop Consultancy are holding the next of our Partner Showcase events.  This will be a held at Santander’s Work Cafe in Jersey on Tuesday 31st October from 8:15 am to 10:30 am.

Kop Consultancy have recently entered into a partnership with Cheetah Transformation who were Smartsheet’s 2022/2023 EMEA partner of the year. The selection criteria for the winning partner were annual growth and proven capabilities. Cheetah Transformation’s strong technical capabilities were a key element in the award, as well as the number of consultants holding Smartsheet’s Professional Services Certification.

Kop have been Smartsheet partners since 2018 and continue to work with their clients but due to Cheetah’s extensive experience have decided to partner with them and offer a greater range of technical and development services. 

Cheetah Transformation works with organisations across the world to implement Smartsheet solutions and change the way they work and manage projects. They work with many multinational organisations, the value being one solution accessible, visible and operational across all their project management teams, no matter where they are located.

Smartsheet can help from an Executive, Operations, Finance, HR, IT, Marketing, Operations, PMO, Compliance or Sales perspective enabling you to collaborate seamlessly, make better decisions faster and automate work processes so you and your team can achieve more!

Following complimentary coffee/breakfast tea and pastries, this introductory workshop will focus on how customers benefit expertise in a range of ways, a brief agenda of the morning is as follows:

  • Case studies detailing how clients have used Smartsheet to:
  • Increasing net profit, driving revenue, and engaging employees.
    • Onboards clients, carry out CDD and track ongoing tasks
    • Workflow and tracking progress of key customer activities. e.g. Reporting, scheduling and deadlines.
    • Onboarding staff
    • Budgets, financial planning and accounting services
    • Marketing and events
  • Demo’s including all of the above
  • Q&A

There will also be an opportunity to schedule 1-1 sessions after the event and during the day. Details of this will be included in any notification confirming your attendance.Whether you are brand new to Smartsheet or an existing customer we would be delighted for you to join us.

Should you not be able to attend but require any further information on Smartsheet please email or alternatively feel free to book a short meeting to discuss how Smartsheet’s solutions could assist your business.

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