Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is a senior leadership discipline that maximises business value.

It drives strategic execution and delivery through the selection, optimisation, and oversight of project investments which align to business goals and strategies.

Program Management and Road Mapping

Programmes that drive innovation and transformational change.
We use program management and road mapping to define top-down timeframes and financials, then adjust these based on bottom-up project forecasts and actuals.

Resource Management & Capacity Planning

Putting the right people on the right work at the right time
We help optimise your resource capacity and improve utilisation by using a variety of tools. Our recommended project management software delivers a combined view to balance demand and capacity across resource groups, roles, and named resources.

IT Analytics & Reproting

Performance analytics for better decision making.
Our recommended reporting software provides visualisation, sharing and investigating portfolio performance to identify issues and managing against KPIs. The tools integrate analytics and reporting into the user experience to inform decisions, increasing efficiency and ensuring results.

Project Planning & Management

Management of project schedules, work, and resources.
Our recommended project portfolio management software provides a comprehensive approach across project schedules, work collaboration, milestones, backlog, and resources.

Financial Management

Budget management across your portfolio
Our recommended PPM software provides comprehensive views into project budget, actuals, and forecast to understand how costs break down against every scenario.