KoP are partners for Brand Spark, the only dedicated employer brand services provider in the financial sector.

Their mission is clear, to help you attract and retain the talent you need to succeed.

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Are you struggling to attract and retain top talent to your financial services business?
Gone are the days when all you needed was a career website and job ads to attract the talent you need. Without consistent communication, you’ll go unnoticed. Brand Spark helps you build an employer brand that stands out, attracting talent that isn’t job searching, and retaining your best people.
Why should you invest in your employer brand?
A staggering 94% of candidates are more likely to apply for a job if the company actively manages its employer brand. So the next time someone thinks about applying for a role, think about the content that is on your digital channels. Is it enough to convince them to join?
Employer branding
Brand Spark help you tell your employer story effortlessly. They dig deep into what makes your company a great place to work by talking to your team, finding the best bits, and turning it into a powerful story. This isn’t just about attracting people; it’s about keeping the ones you’ve already got.
They’ll create a unique look and feel for your brand, and then share this story where your future employees are looking. Telling your story where it matters most – among those who want what you offer.
Recruitment marketing
Recruitment marketing is all about sharing your story effectively. Brand Spark are experts at creating captivating messages through smart marketing. They make sure your story gets to the right people at the right time.
From social media to planning campaigns, they shape your strategies and brand, always staying up-to-date. With skills in crafting engaging content, they ensure your story shines. And if you want to boost your team’s skills, their tailored training or workshops cover everything from social media in hiring to writing job ads.
Content marketing
Sharing your employer story is more than just fancy branding or a website. It’s creating engaging content that’s unique and real. Brand Spark helps bring your team’s stories to life, making the hiring experience appealing to potential candidates.
To grab attention, they’ll guide you in creating fresh and regular content that hits the mark. Using video, social media, and other tools, giving you insights and boosting your brand presence. From LinkedIn to engaging videos, Brand Spark makes sure your story shines, giving a genuine peek into what makes your workplace special, always keeping your team front and centre.
Brand Spark offers fully managed projects, outsourced employer brand services right through to small one off pieces of work. Whatever your needs, they’re here to help.