Smartsheet for Legal

Mike August 15, 2022 0 Comments

Smartsheet activates people across your firm by uniting work, collaboration, workflows, and content. The ability to improve productivity, deliver superior client experiences, and maximise profitability is crucial for continued success.

From client to operations management, Smartsheet provides a single source of truth. Through increased visibility and strategic alignment, Smartsheet empowers paralegals, lawyers, and other legal staff to engage clients with more impact while helping you maintain client privacy in secure platform.

How Does Smartsheet Help My Firm?

Activate the delivery lane and enhance the excellence of your legal services,

Manage Your Clients and Projects With Confidence

Improve operations by creating intake forms for different situations. Grant internal and external stakeholders access to sheets, reports, and automation. Use managerial dashboards to display information, such as the number of open cases or average time to completion

Engage Clients through Collaboration

Consistent and proactive engagement empowers your legal services team to deliver better client experience. Use Smartsheet to collaborate with clients and provide real-time updates on ongoing cases.

Better Strategic Planning and Decision Making

Review strategic initiative alignment with your overall strategic objectives while accelerating new initiative evaluation with automated workflow and approvals

Key Benefits


Self-service reports and dashboards provide real-time visibility into resources, status, and performance, so that you can rapidly align operations to strategy.

Flexible Control

Smartsheet gives you complete control to make changes or enforce structure for your collaborative work – no coding required.


Bring together people – within and outside your form – providing integration and alignment and a common source of truth for information and data for practice management systems such as Elite 3E and Aderant, document and records management systems such as iManage, and CRM systems such as InterAction and Salesforce.