KoP are Channel partners for CEPRES who are the fastest growing investment decision platform for Alternative Investments to facilitate transparency and accurate data flows between Fund Managers and Investors.

They cover Private Equity, Private Debt, Infrastructure and Real Estate. With cash flows from 8,600+ funds and 92,000+ portfolio companies, amounting to over $30+ trillion in enterprise value, they have the largest and deepest Risk/ Return Intelligence on the Private Markets.

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In summary, CEPRES specifically provides the following for Fund Administrators:

  • The ability to monitor the operational performance of your client’s assets through efficient and auditable processes;
  • Streamlining and automation of the management of your clients’ operations so you can focus on delivering added value;
  • The collection of key data for both Funds and Operating Metrics of the underlying portfolio companies, leveraging ILPA templates, custom files, and APIs;
  • An extensive library of interactive reports, dashboards and indicators which can be shared with your clients;
  • ESG Reporting;
  • Cash-flow forecasts and stress tests on uploaded portfolios on behalf of their clients. Each model can be calibrated by the users. As a result, the Fund Administrators can generate extra revenues from the above services and differentiate themselves against competitors.

Unlock better investment outcomes

CEPRES is the first platform built for the age of digital transformation in private markets.

As the largest, most trusted platform and ecosystem for private markets investing, CEPRES connects investors with proprietary deal data, complete cash flows of funds and deals with portfolio company operating metrics, and real-time analytics to unlock better, more actionable insights.


CEPRES helps GPs and LPs win

CEPRES makes an impact across the value chain. Research market strategies. Transact with fellow investors, accelerate your private equity digital transformation, conduct due diligence, manage your portfolio at the fund and deal level to drive better investment outcomes and much more. All on a single platform, allowing you to redeploy your time to create maximum value.

Access Unprecedented Data

Leverage the largest and most actionable private market data ecosystem to enhance your investment data access.

Conduct deeper due diligence

Transform fund and deal due diligence by analysing more investments with deeper insights.

Move beyond benchmarking

Get an outside-in perspective and significant insight into drivers of investment returns to build more effective portfolios.

See around corners

Use regulatory-proven stochastic forecasting to better predict future scenarios of your portfolio and optimise accordingly.

Upgrade portfolio management

Connect disparate investments on a single platform to get a macro look at performance.

Unlock latent value

Leverage CEPRES’s best-in-class data governance to view your existing data in an entirely new light to yield new insights.

An integrated platform to transform your investments

Cepres’s platform is highly modular, giving you the option to use a single product and feature or leverage the unprecedented access, insight and impact of the entire CEPRES ecosystem.



The only way to pressure test your investment thesis against actual marketplace deal comps.

DealEdge is a powerful, intuitive digital advisory product that delivers intelligent data analytics to private equity dealmakers. Jointly built by Bain & Company (the leading global advisor to private equity firms), and CEPRES, it provides private equity investors competitive advantage through unprecedented insight into which deals have the most potential and where hidden opportunities to create value exist.

Due Dilligence

Transform your due diligence from a cost centre into a revenue driver by analysing more funds, evaluating opportunities faster and maximising your returns.

CEPRES Due Diligence cuts your due diligence time in half, significantly increases the number of deals you can evaluate, allows you to better focus on the best potential deals, and much more. Transform your due diligence from a cost centre to a revenue driver by analysing more funds and maximising your returns.

Market Intelligence

All the deal comps you need. From deal returns and loss rates to portfolio company metrics like leverage, pricing and revenue growth.

In the age of private equity digital transformation, data is the new currency. Backed by operating company cash flow data from thousands of the world’s top GPs and LPs, CEPRES Market Intelligence helps private market investors maximise returns, reduce risk and uncover hidden potential, all while gaining a true outside-in perspective.

Portfolio Management

Connect disparate investments on a single platform to get a macro look at your portfolio’s performance, taking full control of your private markets portfolio.

Replace disparate systems and spreadsheets with a single, consolidated platform built for investors. Transform from inflexible legacy reporting to interactive dashboards imbued with best-in-class analytics that allow your people to focus on creating value rather than data formatting and manipulation.

Fundraising Portal

A digital-first portal to maximize fundraising.

The CEPRES Fundraising Portal enables interactive reporting with in-depth analytics. Rich multimedia content — including video — provides the opportunity to add a personal touch and emotions — even if you cannot meet in person.